Eli is a 12-year-old boy who currently lives with one of his parents. The parents are divorced. There are serious concerns about the relationship between the parents and what is said to Eli regarding the other parent. He has developed certain feelings and fears towards one parent, and it is unknown if the fears are […]

Badisa Trio works with vulnerable children and their families. Some children go to safety homes, others are placed in foster care, or go to youth centers. These children are often abused and neglected, sometimes even sexually abused. After therapy, counseling and parenting guidance, very few of our children are able to be reunited with their […]

On 18 July we celebrate Mandela Day. The message behind Mandela Day is simple – everyone has the ability and the responsibility to change the world for the better.  On Mandela day, individuals and companies spend 67 minutes doing good, changing lives, helping others. This year we urge you to consider a donation towards a 60 […]

Last year Badisa Trio’s social workers (also known as the undercover super heroes) opened 727 cases. On average we helped two children a day. Of these children there were: 510 cases of child neglect, 99 cases of sexual molestation and 118 cases of child abuse. This was just in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. […]

Badisa Trio works with numerous families in various communities of the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. Scottsdene is one of these communities. We work with almost 200 children, 66 of these children are in foster care. This year we want to make these kids feel extra special by hosting a Easter Bash. At this Easter […]