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Michael and Matthew. Twins.  Curly blonde hair and rosy cheeks.  Michael has a dimple in his left cheek that becomes evident when he smiles. They are such friendly boys with the most beautiful manners. Always saying please and thank you. The twins were recently removed from the care of their parents as their basic needs were […]

Badisa Trio Blog Sun Will Shine After Storm

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the lives of all South Africans and many people have been saying that we are all in the same boat.  This is not true.  We are in the same storm – the storm being this pandemic. We are however not in the same boat.  Some people are on yachts, others […]

Badisa Trio se drie kantore het op verskeie maniere terug gegee aan die gemeenskap vir Mandela dag. Badisa Trio Bellville het ‘n skenking van sop en brood ontvang van Sanlam Investments (Ubuntu Cares). Dit was ‘n groot voorreg om hierdie skenking te kon gee aan MES Safe Space. Die Badisa Trio Bellville kantoor het die skenking […]

He is only 10 years old and yet when he opens his mouth to speak, he sounds like an adult.  His worst enemy is his memory.  His memory of all the trauma.  Being removed from his family as a two-year-old.  Yes, his parents used drugs, he rarely bathed, his clothes were broken and there wasn’t […]

This year the world is facing intersecting struggles and challenges. We are facing the Covid-19 pandemic that has led to many countries instituting lockdowns that have prevented people from engaging in income-generating activity. Gender-based violence continues to rock our nation. Now more than ever we need to stand in solidarity against poverty and injustice. In […]

When *Susan was only 5 years old, she was removed from her mother’s care and placed into a child and youth care centre.  Susan celebrated her 12th birthday last week.  7 years away from her family. But this is not only a story of sorrow and suffering.  It is also a story of hope.  A […]

*Magda has been living in Kraaifontein for over 20 years.  She has a heart for the community and always looks out for her neighbours.  Magda noticed Liam, aged 6, about 2 weeks ago.  He was very thin and his eyes were sunken into his head.  His face was very pale and his hair was long […]

*Chloe (9) and *Carla (6) are two beautiful girls who have experienced so much trauma as a result of being severely neglected by their mother. They have never been in school and Chloe, who is 9 years old, is not even able to write her name. Neither of the girls has birth certificates as their […]

Kinderberskermings week vind plaas vanaf 31 Mei 2020 tot 7 Junie 2020. In Suid Afrika is daar baie wette wat vir ons sê hoe kinders hanteer en beskerm moet word. Hierdie wette beskerm die Mense Regte van Kinders. Tydens kinderbeskermings week word daar jaarliks gefokus op hierdie kinderregte soos gestipuleer in die Grondwet van die […]

Written by Dr Jessica Johannisen *Peter is the oldest of four children. He lives with his mother, siblings and elderly grandparents in a small three bedroom shack. His mother is a domestic worker and is unable to work under the current lockdown restrictions. Both his grandparents are over the age of 65 and are unemployed. […]