MÔRESTERRETJIES a story of hope

One Sunday night after the owner of the farm MORGENSTER attended a church service he was on his way back home. As he was driving past an empty labourers’ cottage at the entrance to his farm, he suddenly got the idea of starting a crèche for the children of the farm workers. This would be his way of thanking God for completely healing his young boy who was suffering various allergies after they prayed together for this miracle to happen.

Meanwhile a survey was conducted by BADISA, a non-profit organization, several farms in the district to establish the greatest needs among farm workers. First and foremost was the need for pre-school stimulation for children between 3 and 5 years of age. According to the results of the survey, MORGENSTER was the farm with the most children of that age group!

About two years ago a local church also identified the same need for playgroups on farms and started the first group on a neighbouring farm ALTYDGEDACHT with five children. Then all things came together one morning during September 2009. The owner was ready to start immediately with the renovations to the old labourers’ cottage in order to be ready for the first children to attend MÔRESTERRETJIES in January 2010.

Sandra Wessels, a qualified Educarer is assisted by three women from the farms in order to give the best possible education and stimulation for the 22 children attending the facility which is managed by BADISA.

MÔRESTERRETJIES are very much depended on donations and volunteers offering their skills.

How can you help?

Our team has put together a list of items and projects where you can help.

  • Electrician to help with faulty wiring of kitchen lights.
  • Electrician to help fix the gate remote.
  • Plumber - to fix leaking toilet 
  • Fresh paint for our school, inside and outside.
  • Restore part of the fence, and apply chicken fence. This will help to keep out dogs and keep our children safe.
  • Leaf blower to help with yard maintenance.
  • New table or help to fix our old table.
  • Restoration of kitchen cabinets. 
  • Pallet furniture for outside, this will double as storage for toys and provide seating.


Contact us

For more information please contact Sandra on:
sandrawessels1@gmail.com or 076 788 9955



We provide kids with nutritious meals everyday, you can help us with these costs by donating.

Account Name: Moresterretjies, ABSA cheque Account, Account number: 4075613844, Branch Code: 632005