blue eye baby liam

Liam is a one-year-old little boy with curly blonde hair and eyes as blue as the ocean. The resemblance between him and his father is uncanny. Whilst many relatives or friends of the family often comment on the resemblance, Liam does not know his father. His parents would fight continually and they eventually separated before […]

Badisa Trio GBV

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a social issue affecting the greater South African population. In fact, in 2020 GBV is being recognised as being a global pandemic, alongside Covid-19, because of its far reaching and deadly impact. Thousands of women and children in South Africa are traumatized and or killed daily. Where does it start? Poverty? Substance […]

Badisa Trio Jaarverslag 2020

Van die Voorsitter van die Beheerraad Ons sit in ‘n samelewing waar daar baie probleme is. Die grootste hiervan is sekerlik dat daar groot werkloosheid tans in ons land is. Dit het ongelukkig allerhande probleme soos bv. mense wat diefstal pleeg om geld in die hande te kry, mense wat by bendes aansluit ens. Verder […]

Anneline is 15 years old. She has long brown hair and dark eyes. She doesn’t smile often and is withdrawn. She has distanced herself from her friends, and her grades have dropped at school. Anneline struggles to sleep at night and when she does, she experiences nightmares. These are all symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder […]

Badisa Trio Twins Blog

Michael and Matthew. Twins.  Curly blonde hair and rosy cheeks.  Michael has a dimple in his left cheek that becomes evident when he smiles. They are such friendly boys with the most beautiful manners. Always saying please and thank you. The twins were recently removed from the care of their parents as their basic needs were […]