I hold on to the precious little bundle as I walk into court, taking a seat not to far from her biological mother. As I look down into her big brown eyes she reaches out with her tiny little hand and grabs one of my fingers. I smile at her, knowing that she is safe. […]

We see in the media that child abduction is on the rise. As many as 1,2 million children are being trafficked every year. Many of these children are forced into cheap labour or sexual exploitation. As the holiday is approaching it is critical to make your children aware of what they should do in various […]

Badisa Trio hosted a 4 week course together with Karen Badenhorst and Huise op die Rots at Heidekoppie Church in Brackenfell. During these four weeks Karen shared valuable parenting techniques to over 40 parents. The course was developed more than 50 years ago by Dr. Thomas Gordon, focusing on postive communication between parents and children. […]

We did our best to explain to him that none of this is his fault. Some of his friends’ parents’ have gotten divorced so he had an idea of what was going on. Kids know too much these days, I suppose. We knew he wouldn’t take it very well, but something just isn’t right. It […]

Little *Arielle used to be quite the chatterbox. She’d come running home from school and have the most incredible stories to tell. “Such a way with words!” we used to tell each other. That’s why lately we’ve been a bit concerned. This year has been so crazy and rushed, we thought perhaps the stress of […]

Right now you have the power to say: “I will not let his story end like this.” For a moment I thought she was my mommy. Her laugh sounded almost the same, and when the sun hits her hair just right, it’s exactly the same red as my mommy’s. I held my breath for a […]