I’ve been staying with foster parents ever since my parents died. It was an awful time in my life, but I’m getting through it. I’ve been working so hard in school! They say Grade 11 is one of the most difficult years, so I’ve made sure I stay focused on what’s important. I’d love to […]

Sometimes I wonder what people think of me. There are some grownups who tell me that I’m an inspiration to them, that they can’t believe I’ve done so well in my subjects. Then there are some of my classmates who always seem to be looking at me a bit funny, or seem really surprised when […]

My name is Emile, I’m four years old and I haven’t lived with my parents in three years. I hear people saying that I’m too young to really understand what happened, but I know that even though I miss them, I haven’t been afraid in a while. I’ve had three homes in my life, which […]

On 18 July we celebrate Mandela Day. The message behind Mandela Day is simple – everyone has the ability and the responsibility to change the world for the better.  On Mandela day, individuals and companies spend 67 minutes doing good, changing lives, helping others. This year we urge you to consider a donation towards a 60 […]

Ek weet my mamma en pappa is lief vir my, maar die tannies sê dat hulle nie baie mooi na my kyk nie. Daar is party dae wat hulle nie regtig na my stories luister nie (ek dink nie hulle is die beste stories nie) maar dis oukei. Ek weet nou al hoe om my […]

Last year Badisa Trio’s social workers (also known as the undercover super heroes) opened 727 cases. On average we helped two children a day. Of these children there were: 510 cases of child neglect, 99 cases of sexual molestation and 118 cases of child abuse. This was just in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. […]