Ek weet my mamma en pappa is lief vir my, maar die tannies sê dat hulle nie baie mooi na my kyk nie. Daar is party dae wat hulle nie regtig na my stories luister nie (ek dink nie hulle is die beste stories nie) maar dis oukei. Ek weet nou al hoe om my […]

Last year Badisa Trio’s social workers (also known as the undercover super heroes) opened 727 cases. On average we helped two children a day. Of these children there were: 510 cases of child neglect, 99 cases of sexual molestation and 118 cases of child abuse. This was just in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. […]

I can hear the worry in her voice, the demands of raising a disabled boy and caring for her own aging body is starting to take its toll. She smiles through unshed tears as she tells us how well he is doing and how proud she is with his grades. Charmaine has been raising her […]

It’s just after 7am on a Saturday morning. The streets are still silent after yesterday’s shooting, not too far from our office in Scottsdene. I’m excited for the day; this is the day of our long awaited Easter party! We’ve worked hard, and we’re so thankful for everyone who donated to make this day a […]

We received a call about a one year old boy, Shane*, who showed sexual deviant behavior. This little boy is raised by a single mother, who doesn’t have the financial capacity to send him for an assessment. This is where we have the opportunity to make a difference. Thanks to you, our donators, Badisa Trio […]

Mommy and Daddy are fighting again. When they shout at each other my little brother gets scared. I feel so guilty, it’s my fault. I should have listened to mom when she asked me to put my shoes away. My little brother is crying again. I hold him, whispering that it will be okay, but […]