*Chloe (9) and *Carla (6) are two beautiful girls who have experienced so much trauma as a result of being severely neglected by their mother. They have never been in school and Chloe, who is 9 years old, is not even able to write her name. Neither of the girls has birth certificates as their […]

Kinderberskermings week vind plaas vanaf 31 Mei 2020 tot 7 Junie 2020. In Suid Afrika is daar baie wette wat vir ons sê hoe kinders hanteer en beskerm moet word. Hierdie wette beskerm die Mense Regte van Kinders. Tydens kinderbeskermings week word daar jaarliks gefokus op hierdie kinderregte soos gestipuleer in die Grondwet van die […]

Written by Dr Jessica Johannisen *Peter is the oldest of four children. He lives with his mother, siblings and elderly grandparents in a small three bedroom shack. His mother is a domestic worker and is unable to work under the current lockdown restrictions. Both his grandparents are over the age of 65 and are unemployed. […]

Written by Dr Jessica Johannisen I have been a child protection social worker for the past 9 years. Serving the people of South Africa is my passion and fighting for the rights of children has always been my ultimate goal. I have experienced many difficult situations during my years as a child protection social worker. […]

1 in 3 children are victims of abuse in South Africa, during stressful times like lockdown these numbers could increase due to extra strain on the family. It is important that you help your local child protection unit identify children who are at risk. There are various forms of child abuse, but in all forms […]

Mitch Albom said, “Nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say.” This is so true for a teenager who reached out for help. Mia* has been a victim of sexual assault for several years, finally she trusted someone with this secret. Mia was referred to Badisa Trio, where she could receive much needed help. […]