He doesn’t understand. All these things are happening around him, to him, but he just doesn’t understand. How do you explain to teenager, a young man, that his parents’ cannot prioritise him? No, I shouldn’t say cannot because it is a conscious decision they are making. He is their son. He is my sister’s son. How could their addiction… How could they? After finding out that they forbade him from going to school for two whole years I just couldn’t stay silent anymore. I had to take him, I had to keep him safe. Someone had to prioritise him and tell him that he is loved. He is worthy. I know I don’t have much money, but someone must. I know if I reach out and trust… someone will see him the way I do. A brave young man worthy of love and care. A brave young man who doesn’t understand that yet, but who will understand someday.

Please help Graham get to school and home safely every day. 
The shuttle service currently costs R800 per month. If you can make a donation towards his transport please eft with the ref: Graham or make an online payment via payfast with ref: Graham.