Badisa Trio works with numerous families in various communities of the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. Scottsdene is one of these communities. We work with almost 200 children, 66 of these children are in foster care. This year we want to make these kids feel extra special by hosting a Easter Bash.

At this Easter party we want to give each of these children their very own Easter care package, with some items they really need and a few fun surprises. This is where you can help make a big difference in a child’s life. By donating a package you not only help a child with basic needs, you also let them know that they matter.

To pledge a care package or make a donation towards a package, please contact Suné on 021 987 2940 or You can also leave a message via our contact page.

Suné will reply with your child’s name and age, all packages must be delivered to our offices or drop-off point by 16 March 2018. Here is a list of everything you need to include in your care package.

We need the following packages:

Gender Age Total packages needed
Female 1-3 years 0
Female 4-5 years 0
Female 6-9 years 19
Female 10-11 years 15
Female 12-18 years 6
Male 1-3 years 1
Male 4-5 years 10
Male 6-9 years 23
Male 10-11 years 34
Male 12-18 years 21

*numbers will be updated weekly as pledges are made