*Chloe (9) and *Carla (6) are two beautiful girls who have experienced so much trauma as a result of being severely neglected by their mother. They have never been in school and Chloe, who is 9 years old, is not even able to write her name. Neither of the girls has birth certificates as their mother never registered their births.

Chloe and Carla’s mother abuses drugs and alcohol and as a result provides no safety, security or supervision of the girls. Often the girls need to beg for food to ensure that they do not go to bed on an empty stomach and their clothes are broken and dirty. They have no relationship with their father and the last time they saw him was about 3 years ago.

In December 2019, Chloe and Carla were found by a police officer wandering around in a township about 15km away from their home. They were alone, cold, hungry and very scared. Their case was referred to Badisa Scottsdene where the social workers conducted a risk assessment and determined that these two children’s lives were at risk.

These girls are only aged 6 and 9 and yet so many of their human rights have been violated:

  • Their right to an education
  • Their right to human dignity
  • Their right to citizenship
  • Their right to parental care, shelter, and food.

In December 2019 the two girls were removed from their mother’s care and placed at a place of safety that would be able to meet all of their needs. They have been enrolled in schools and are receiving therapy to deal with the trauma they have experienced.

Whilst at the place of safety, Chloe and Carla celebrated Christmas with the other children and child and youth care workers. Chloe suddenly burst into tears and whilst comforting her, a very concerned child and youth care worker asked her what was wrong. Chloe very sincerely shared that this was the first time that she was receiving a brand new dress and she was so happy.

The children’s therapist has shared that both children are adjusting very well and are dealing with the trauma that they have experienced. They are both so happy and are thankful for the love and care that they are receiving in addition to the various physical aspects such as food, shelter and structure.

Thank you for enabling Badisa Trio to change lives.

*Not real names, image found on pexels.com