hannah2021 badisa trio assessmentHannah is a six-year-old girl with brown curly hair and a beautiful smile. She has been so excited to finally start “big school” and last year her dream finally came true. She loves to learn and play and play with her friends during breaks.

Hannah lives with her biological parents and various person have reported the possibility of abuse.
Badisa Trio is currently investigating the various allegations as not enough evidence has been collected thus far.
The Children’s Court investigation is therefore still ongoing. To enable the social worker to act in the best interest of Hannah, a thorough assessment needs to be conducted. These assessments are conducted by specialized professionals who have the necessary knowledge and skills to determine the views and wishes of the child more accurately.

Please consider making a monetary donation so that Hannah can undergo the assessment.
Reference for payment: HANNAH2021

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This is not a photo of an actual child, photo was sourced from Canva.com