Lilly is a kind and caring 13 year old with a great sense of humour. She loves listening to music and spending time with her friends. Lilly has been through a great deal of trauma and the actions of the adults who should have cared and protected her have resulted in her developing a low sense of worth.

Due to the years of trauma, Lilly sometimes displays challenging behaviour and has suicidal thoughts. She sometimes just does not feel like being alive. The social workers at Badisa believe that all children have the right to be in the position to reach their full potential. Part of this means being happy. For Lilly to receive the necessary emotional support, an assessment and as well as therapeutic services are needed. This will assist Lilly in processing her trauma and dealing with her emotions.

Please assist us with a monetary donation to cover the costs of Lilly’s assessment and therapy. It takes a village to raise a child and Lilly needs our help.

Please use reference: Lilly13

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