The Govender family has been known to Badisa since 2014 when Alexander was removed from the care of her parents and placed into foster care. Mr. and Mrs. Govender previously abused drugs and did not have stable employment. They consequently struggled to ensure that Alexander’s physical and emotional needs were being met.

However, Mr. and Mrs. Govender were very distressed when Alexander was removed from their care and became actively involved in improving their circumstances. They attended an outpatient rehabilitation program and were able to find stable employment.

Mr. and Mrs. Govender were able to find a townhouse close to a school and have also attended a parenting workshop presented by Badisa. They also attended family conferences and worked with the social workers in order to improve their circumstances.

After 6 long years, Alexander was finally placed back into the care of her parents. She is thrilled to be at home with her parents and is thriving at home and at school. She told her social worker that she has never been this happy.

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