In June 2022, fate intervened when Ms. Rose discovered Zac* and his mother living on the streets. Concerned for Zac’s well-being, she took action, reaching out to various organizations for help. Despite her efforts, Zac’s mother seemed indifferent to his situation.

Zac’s mother shared her struggle to find stable housing after moving to Cape Town to be closer to Zac’s father, who was in prison. Despite assistance from organizations, she appeared to prefer street life.

After being removed from his mother’s care, Zac was placed in temporary housing at a child and youth care center. Efforts to reunite him with family proved challenging due to his mother’s instability. While extended family members were considered, none could offer a suitable home for Zac.

Fortunately, the Rue couple stepped forward, motivated by their own desire for family after experiencing difficulties with surrogacy. Despite understanding the temporary nature of foster care, they were eager to provide Zac with a loving home.

Following approval from the Children’s Court, Zac was placed with the Rue couple. The transition went smoothly, and Zac thrived in his new environment, starting nursery school and receiving love and care from his foster parents.

Zac’s journey illustrates the power of compassion and resilience. Thanks to caring individuals like Ms. Rose and the Rue couple, Zac’s life took a turn for the better, offering hope for a brighter future.

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