TIK causes severe social problems for children and their families


Dependence on TIK is causing numerous social problems and the neglect of children.

Tik (methamphetamine) is one of the most dangerous drugs that is commonly used in the communities that we serve. The ripple effect goes way beyond the obvious and is blamed for and increase in the number of sexual transmitted infections, spreading of HIV/AIDS and crime.

Facts on Methamphetamines are:
– Highly addictive and a stimulant
– Affects several of our central nervous systems
– Common effects are euphoria, increased energy, insomnia , irritability, heightened sexuality and tremors
– Prolonged use leads to weight loss/anorexia, severe dermatological problems and risk of seizures, uncontrollable rage and violent behaviour

We are working with the effects on families when TIK is used. It is ruining a child’s future. If you are pregnant and using meth, please take into consideration the life that you are creating. This baby has to live the rest of his life with your decision. It is hard to stop using meth but it will be even harder to look in your child’s face every day and know that I was the reason that my child has this disability.