a foster mother’s story

teenager hands

At the moment I am fostering a teen-aged daughter. Every time I share her story I become quite emotional.

Sara (pseudonym) was placed in my foster-care in 2014. For months she was extremely withdrawn and found it difficult to make friends. After all the trials and tribulations we had gone through together I can honestly say that all our efforts were more than worthwhile.

After careful evaluation we realized that Sara’s dream was to become a chef. We managed to enrol her at a college in order to follow a course in catering. She showed real talent and very soon this very shy student started blossoming. She used to be a diabetic with sugar levels of 10 and higher. Consequently she had very little energy.

At the end of 2015 Sara finished top of her class with 4 distinctions! She now has many new friends and has developed into a self-confident and happy teen-ager. I am so grateful that BadisaTrio gave me the opportunity to foster this young girl. It was a privilege to care for her during a difficult time in her life and to help her find her vocation. She now has a rosy future. She no longer has diabetis and her enegy levels astound me.

There is hope for children like Sara and that is why I fully support the work of Badisa Trio. Of course it is not always easy but in the end it is so rewarding. Sara is living proof of that! Keep up the good work.

A foster parent