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Our annual Badisa Trio Ball is hosted this year on the 29th July 2016 at the beautiful Eengezind venue and we went to investigate why you should come to the dance….

It is undisputed….Dance is good for you! From a health point of view of course. Here are some great benefits!

Lifts your Mood – all those endorphins that are released when you dance lifts your spirit and reduce the risk of depression.
Good for your Brain – dancing increases the circulation to your brain, making you more sharp and focused on remembering those steps and moves!
Builds your Confidence – who’s that person doing all those cool moves on the dance floor?! Just the boost your confidence needs.
It burns calories and stimulate weight loss – moving about burns calories and the more vigorous you dance, the more you burn. Yes, weight loss can be fun!
Great way to exercise and keep fit – who needs a gym! Enjoy dancing with your partner and friends and get the fun back into exercise!

I’m sure after all that you cannot deny the wonders of dancing. Give it a go and try it out at the Badisa Trio Annual Ball. Do it for a good cause and dance for child protection. Bring your friends along – book table by emailing Sjean Smit at

Badisa Trio Annual Ball 2016

Watch this space….in the coming weeks we’ll share some good tips on Facebook for getting ready for the Ball!