Sometimes I wonder what people think of me. There are some grownups who tell me that I’m an inspiration to them, that they can’t believe I’ve done so well in my subjects. Then there are some of my classmates who always seem to be looking at me a bit funny, or seem really surprised when I do well on a test. I know they know what my life has been like; that my brother and sisters all have to live with other people because we can’t stay at home anymore. That’s when I think to myself, whatever, you just keep working hard and finish school! My gran tells me that I’m the first person in our family to really take school seriously, and she’s so proud of me. Wow! I just can’t let her down. I’ve been working especially hard so that I can really enjoy our matric farewell later this year. Just think, a night full of glitz and glamour where my friends and I can just have a great time together and celebrate our hard work. But I heard my gran saying that the people who are taking care of me can’t afford my school fees anymore, and if they aren’t paid by the time of the matric farewell, I won’t be allowed to go! It would be so disappointing to miss our own night of celebration!

Can you help with *Martin’s school fees? Please help us support him and his foster family by making a donation towards his school fees.

You can make a donation with the reference #Martin to: Badisa Trio Fondswerwing, ABSA Savings account, Account number: 9294493628, Branch code: 632005

*Name changed to protect identity of child, photo found on