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Urgent Appeal: Help Preserve a Foster Family’s Bond Through Therapy We’re reaching out with urgent news concerning a 14-year-old child currently in foster care. Their journey has been marked by significant relational challenges, impacting both the foster child and their caregivers deeply. Sadly, these difficulties have begun to strain the bonds within their foster home, […]

  In June 2022, fate intervened when Ms. Rose discovered Zac* and his mother living on the streets. Concerned for Zac’s well-being, she took action, reaching out to various organizations for help. Despite her efforts, Zac’s mother seemed indifferent to his situation. Zac’s mother shared her struggle to find stable housing after moving to Cape […]

  Baie dankie aan die studente, Paul en Pam, wat hul kosbare tyd by ons kantoor deurgebring het as vrywilligers gedurende hul vakansie. Hulle is van Stellenbosch Universiteit en die Universiteit van Wes-Kaap. Vrywilligerswerk gedurende die vakansie bied studente waardevolle lewens ervaring, die geleentheid om aan die gemeenskap terug te gee, en ‘n kans om […]

*Ava had always felt like an outsider. Her biological mother abandoned her at a young age, and her father died when she was just a child. Her stepmother never really showed emotion, and her foster care placement with her aunt did not go as hoped. Ava felt like she was all alone in the world. […]

We’re excited to present Badisa Trio’s Annual Report for the year 2022/2023. Inside, you’ll find a snapshot of our year – the highlights, our service statistics, and the financial figures. But this report is more than just data, it’s a colorful mosaic of the stories of hope we’ve woven together. At Badisa Trio, we work […]

Sarah: A Story of Hope in Foster Care *Sarah, a 7-year-old girl, has endured significant trauma in her young life. Removed from her biological parents during infancy, she has been in foster care since she was 6 months old. She acknowledged her foster parents as her biological parents since she was in their care since […]

As aanmeldings beampte is dit my taak om al die aanmeldings, insluitend alle Vorm 22’s te assesseer en te bepaal of die betrokke kind veilig is in die sorg van die versorger, of dit biologiese ouers is al dan nie. Ons moet bepaal wat die risiko’s is wat die betrokkene se veiligheid of algehele welstand […]