Unsupervised Jan Badisa Trio AssessmentJan is a 5-year-old boy who was recently removed from his parents’ care due to serious neglect. The home was filthy, he would often go without food and he was severely neglected. His parents also lack the necessary skills to parent a toddler and allow him to walk around in the streets unsupervised. Jan loves his parents very much however the home circumstances are not suitable for his physical and emotional well-being. The social workers at Badisa Trio want to make recommendations for Jan that will be in his best interest.

Younger children sometimes struggle to express their views and wishes verbally, and play is vital in their communication. It is therefore vital for an assessment with a social worker specializing in play therapy to be conducted to ensure that all the necessary information is obtained from Jan.

Breakdown of costs:
Therapy: R300 per hour
Total: R600 (2 hours)
Reference for payment: JAN1

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This is not a photo of an actual child, photo was sourced from Canva.com