AssessmentEli is a 12-year-old boy who currently lives with one of his parents. The parents are divorced. There are serious concerns about the relationship between the parents and what is said to Eli regarding the other parent. He has developed certain feelings and fears towards one parent, and it is unknown if the fears are valid or if they are a result of the negative influence of the other parent. The social workers suspect that Eli is remaining loyal to one parent and rejecting the other parent due to the toxic environment at home. However, at this stage, the social workers do not have enough evidence to support their suspicion.

It is therefore vital that Eli be assessed to determine the validity of his fears and emotions towards his one parent. A specialized social worker is required to conduct this assessment as he/she will have the necessary knowledge and skills to determine Eli’s emotional state. Once this information is received the social workers can determine what is in his best interest.

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Expenses for costs:
Clinical assessment: R500
Assessment report: R500
Total: R1000

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