badisa_trio_poppie_projek 1Badisa Trio is a designated child protection organisation that works with vulnerable children and their families. Although our aim is to preserve families it is sometimes necessary for statutory intervention and to safeguard children by placing them outside the family system. Some children are placed in safety homes, others in foster care or child and youth care centres. These children often experienced various forms of abuse, deliberate neglect or exploitation. Most of the time they are severely traumatised and in need of intensive and sometimes long term therapy. After therapy, counselling and parenting guidance, very few of our children are able to be reunited with their biological families.
As a child protection organisation, Badisa Trio are not allowed to share their pictures or names with the public. However, we need the ongoing external support to assist us in providing these children with therapeutic and sometimes material support. This is why the Poppie Project was born; it gives Badisa Trio a platform to share these children’s stories. Each Poppie represents a vulnerable child with specific needs, which Badisa Trio works with.

Badisa Trio is blessed with obstetricians who support this project, by gifting Poppies to new born babies and their families. This is such a special metaphor for our social workers. Every time a Poppie is gifted, it not only celebrates a new life into this world, it also gives another child the chance for healing and a brighter future.

Thank you to each and every person who supported this project. Your contribution, monetary or material, makes it possible to send children for therapy, to do assessments that could support recommendations aimed at the best interest of the child in court, providing children and families with non-perishable food, toiletries, toys, stationery and clothes. These donations bring so much joy in the lives of our vulnerable children and families.

We would love to expand this project and Badisa Trio is calling on more individuals, schools, crèche’s and obstetricians to get involved. Together we can make a difference! Watch Video 

If you want more information about this wonderful project, please contact Sjean Smit on or 021 987 2940 and visit our Facebook page.