*Isabella is a bright and playful 8-year-old girl. She loves to play brainteaser puzzles on the laptop and going to the Blouberg with her mom for ice cream on a sunny day.
Her parents describe her as a sweet and obedient girl, yet her teachers tell a different tale. Isabella struggles to concentrate and throws terrible tantrums like a toddler at school. When the teacher tries to calm her, she asks them to pick her up and to hold her like a baby. Isabella quickly became attached and almost saw them as her parents.
Isabella’s behavior was worrying, and the teachers stepped in and filled in a Form 22. Once we receive the Form 22 at Badisa Trio, we assigned a social worker to her case to investigate the circumstances. The social worker found Isabella to be lovely, but after a few sessions, she saw Isabella needed our help.
Isabella and her mother often went to bed teary-eyed. It became clear that she was witnessing domestic abuse, and that is having a traumatizing effect on her.
We are working with the parents regularly, and already seeing a change in the relationship. But the social worker reported that Isabella needs at least 5 sessions with the psychologist. These assessments will identify the key areas where Isabella needs help, and also ensuring that she is in the best mental state to grow in school as a beautiful young mind. 
Please consider making a monetary donation in order for Isabella to have a calmer future.
Assessment report: R250 * 5 sessions
Total: R1250
Ref: Bella21
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*Not real name