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Bo is 9 years old and is by nature an anxious and emotional young boy. He bites his nails until his fingers bleed and easily bursts into tears when faced with challenging situations. This has resulted in him being teased at school.

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Bo’s father’s behaviour exacerbates his anxiety. His father abuses alcohol and then becomes verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive towards both Bo and his mother. Bo’s mother approached the children’s court for support in managing the family environment. The court case and caused Bo even more anxiety as he feels that he must choose between his mother and father. He loves them both and is struggling to cope with his emotions.

Therapy has provided Bo with a safe space to express and manage his emotions. He has developed a good relationship with his therapist and she is assisting him with developing his coping skills to manage his anxiety. However, for Bo to continue receiving therapy, funding is essential. 

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