This is a story of Hope

An unknown baby was found abandoned in the early hours of 4 January 2022, in front of a local store in the Scottsdene area. The little boy was only a few weeks old and was wrapped in an oversized T-shirt and blanket. He had pitch-black curly hair and beautiful green eyes. The community member who found the baby immediately contacted South African Police Service and Badisa Scottsdene for him to be placed into place of safety. An investigation was then launched by SAPS and to date, the biological parents could not be traced.

The baby boy is currently in a place of safety and is thriving despite the circumstances in which he was found. The doctor and nurses that provided him with medical attention are satisfied with his progress and he is considered a healthy baby. The family currently caring for him maintain that he engages well with them and giggles continually whilst having tummy time. At this stage he is developing appropriately and there are no concerns in terms of his health. Child protection social workers from Badisa Scottsdene are working closely with both SAPS and the children’s court in order to develop a permanency plan for this precious little boy.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had devastating consequences in communities, one of which is the rate of abandoned babies in South Africa. Whilst there are not accurate statistics in South Africa regarding child abandonment, almost half the number of children who are abandoned, do not survive. In addition, many people do not know that child abandonment is a criminal offence, and a person who abandons a child after birth may be charged and prosecuted. Please contact your local child protection organisation if you are struggling emotionally, financially or physically to care for your children. Abandonment should not be an option.