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Sarah: A Story of Hope in Foster Care

*Sarah, a 7-year-old girl, has endured significant trauma in her young life. Removed from her biological parents during infancy, she has been in foster care since she was 6 months old. She acknowledged her foster parents as her biological parents since she was in their care since a baby and developed a strong bond with them. However, trauma often manifests in children’s behavior, which was the case with Sarah. She started displaying very challenging behavior, and the foster placement consequently broke down. This was very traumatic for Sarah, and it is evident that she struggles with feelings of rejection and has difficulty with routines, as she seeks to maintain a sense of control.

Despite these various challenges, Sarah is currently thriving. She started grade one and is a delightful little girl who enjoys wearing dresses and dreams of becoming a ballerina. Her teacher describes her as bubbly, kind, and hardworking. Sarah’s biological mother recently expressed a desire to establish contact with her after four years of no contact. Grappling with deep-seated feelings of rejection, Sarah fears the possibility of being abandoned again. In order to support Sarah emotionally and navigate the potential contact with her biological mother, we, at Badisa Trio, believe it is crucial to seek therapy for her.

Therapy can offer her a safe and supportive environment to address her feelings of rejection and fear and assist her in developing healthy coping mechanisms. It would be beneficial to find a therapist experienced in working with child trauma and attachment issues, as they can provide the specialized care Sarah needs.

In order for the therapist to comprehensively understand Sarah’s unique circumstances and formulate an appropriate treatment plan to address her specific needs, an initial assessment is of utmost importance. This assessment costs R800. Please assist us in providing Sarah with the necessary assistance by making a monetary donation.

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Written by Dr. Jessica Johannisen

*Sarah is an alias used to protect the identity of the child. Photo sourced on