Urgent Appeal: Help Preserve a Foster Family’s Bond Through Therapy

We’re reaching out with urgent news concerning a 14-year-old child currently in foster care. Their journey has been marked by significant relational challenges, impacting both the foster child and their caregivers deeply. Sadly, these difficulties have begun to strain the bonds within their foster home, placing the placement itself in jeopardy.

To prevent the heartbreaking possibility of the child losing their current foster family, we’ve initiated an intervention plan. This plan involves specialized therapy designed to support both the child and the foster parents through their struggles. With the expertise of a dedicated specialist, we aim to mend and strengthen the relationships crucial for this young individual’s well-being.

The total financial requirement for this intervention is R3250. We appeal to your generosity and compassion to partner with Badisa in supporting this foster family. Your contribution, no matter the size, will make a meaningful difference and will be deeply appreciated.

Let’s come together to restore hope and healing to this foster family through the power of therapy. Thank you for considering this urgent appeal.

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Photo Source: Canva