I can hear the worry in her voice, the demands of raising a disabled boy and caring for her own aging body is starting to take its toll. She smiles through unshed tears as she tells us how well he is doing and how proud she is with his grades.

Charmaine has been raising her grandson, caring for him and his special needs. This meant that she had to send him away to a dedicated school for the disabled, where he now resides in the hostel. He is doing well, and working hard. He is going to be a well adjusted young adult, but he doesn’t know that his grandparents are struggling to get through each month financially.  His grandparents are behind on school fees, R 5400 to be exact. The school has informed them that they will have to send their grandson home if they do not settle this payment soon.

Please help us help this family, and let us keep this boy where he is receiving the best education and care for his disabilities.

Names are changed to protect the identity of the family. |  Photo: Pexels.com