My name is Emile, I’m four years old and I haven’t lived with my parents in three years. I hear people saying that I’m too young to really understand what happened, but I know that even though I miss them, I haven’t been afraid in a while. I’ve had three homes in my life, which is a lot more than any of my friends have had! But when the grown-ups told my new family this, they didn’t look very excited. Maybe it isn’t such a good thing, after all. My friends all have rooms that are filled with things and toys that they love, but mine has toys and bedding that I’ve never seen before and didn’t help to pick out. I suppose it isn’t very nice to have to keep telling new people what my favourite food or drink is, and that I don’t like the colour blue as much as green. Sometimes I feel like no one really knows what I like or what I’m feeling, and I’m not sure how to make them understand.

We want to help Emile settle in his new surroundings. To do this, he will need 10 therapy sessions which will cost R2000. Can you help? Make a donation with the reference #emile to: Badisa Trio Fondswerwing, ABSA Savings account, Account number: 9294493628, Branch code: 632005

*Name of child changed to protect identity, image found on