I’ve been staying with foster parents ever since my parents died. It was an awful time in my life, but I’m getting through it. I’ve been working so hard in school! They say Grade 11 is one of the most difficult years, so I’ve made sure I stay focused on what’s important. I’d love to go on a special camp with my class at the end of September. My teacher says they’ll be doing important revision for Maths, and as it’s right before exams I would love to go and work hard with them! We’ll also be doing a course on leadership development, which I hear looks really good on university application forms. Just think, me going to university! Wouldn’t that be great?

*Amy needs R1200 to attend this very important camp. It covers the costs of accommodation, meals, and transport. Any contribution to help this courageous girl would be wonderful! If you can help, please contact Sjean Smit on info@badisatrio.co.za or make a donation with the reference #Amy to: Badisa Trio Fondswerwing, ABSA Savings account, Account number: 9294493628, Branch code: 632005

*Name changed to protect identity of child, photo found on pexels.com