*Jr. is a three year old boy who was exposed to more traumatic circumstances than any child should ever endure. Growing up with his biological parents he was not only exposed to drug abuse, but domestic violence. He was neglected and left alone at a very young age. Due to the biological parent’s lack of parental responsibilities Jr. had to be removed and entered the ‘system’ when he was just over one year old.

Fortunately he was placed with wonderful safety parents who saw his vulnerability as an opportunity for this little boy to experience the feeling family. While adjusting to his new environment Jr. had experienced withdraws, as his biological mother was intoxicated while breastfeeding him. Jr.’s safety parents loved him dearly, and was grateful when he was placed in the care of a loving foster family.

Jr.’s new foster parents loves him and cares for him as one of their own children. They provide Jr. with a loving, stable environment, but Jr. is having a hard time adjusting. Jr. struggles with bonding, anger outbursts and traumatic night terrors. Therapy is needed to help Junior adjust and learn healthy coping mechanisms. Government offers free therapy sessions for vulnerable children, but unfortunately the waiting list is very long. This is why Badisa Trio has arranged a therapist to help Jr. at a discounted rate.

Jr. will need 6 sessions which will cost R2400. If you can assist Jr. Please consider sponsoring a therapy session for Jr. our banking details: Badisa Trio Fondswerwing, ABSA Savings account, Account number: 9294493628, Branch code: 632005.

*Name changed to protect identity of the child | Image found on Pexels.com