Cindy* is a talkative five-year-old. This sweet little girl has been growing up in-between homes. Her parents suffer from severe mental illness which impaired their parental capacities significantly. It is suspected that Cindy was abused and left to fend for herself from a young age.

Because Cindy is so young, the court has ordered for her to be assessed by a forensic social worker. This professional assessment will assist our Cindy’s caseworker to get the help she needs to start rebuilding her life.

The assessment and court report will cost R 3 900. Make a donation towards Cindy’s assessment or signup for a monthly debit order and help us create sustainable solutions for children in need.

Banking Details: Name of account: Badisa Trio Fondswerwing, ABSA Savings account, Account number: 9294493628, Branch code: 632005, Ref: Cindy


Through the funds donated to towards Cindy, she was able to be assessed by a private social worker and currently the relationship between Cindy and her parents is showing progress.  This is an ongoing process which also requires the parents’ cooperation.  It was established that it is important for Cindy to have a relationship with both her parents and currently, with the help of social workers, these relationships are growing positively.  It is always important to try and minimize the trauma the children go through as much as possible and with the help of funders we are able to assists these individuals.

There is still a long road ahead which requires the intervention of numerous social workers, but we would like to thank everyone who donated towards Cindy’s assessment. Your donations have made a significant impact and will continue to do so!

*Not real name | Photo found on