On 17 March 2020 we celebrate World Social Work Day. Badisa Trio has 19 Social workers and 5 Social auxiliary workers working in 3 offices in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. During the past year these amazing individuals were able to assists 11 714 people.

Help us celebrate social workers this month:

Say thank you

Do you know a social worker? A simple thank you will mean so much to a social worker. Write a letter, give a card, send an email, post on your social networks. Help us show gratitude to the amazing work they do to protect our children.

Give a gift

Why not give a gift to your social worker friend? A care package will mean so much and bring some cheerfulness into their office. Some gift ideas: Coffee, tea or cookies for the office. Fun stationery. Spoil a social work office with some muffins. A pamper session. Hand Cream. Take your friend for a coffee or movie.

Pro bono therapy

Social workers are humans too. The cases they work on often takes an emotional toll on them too. Maybe you are able to gift a social worker some pro bono therapy or life coaching sessions. This will have a huge impact on the lives of our social work heroes.

Support their work

Social workers often have to raise funds to help the children in their care to get the necessary funding for therapy, school stationery, clothes and special needs. Support Badisa Trio’s fundraising initiatives, donation drives and special requests. Together we can make a lasting impact on a child’s life.

We thank each and every social worker for their continuous passion and drive to change the lives of others.