Mitch Albom said, “Nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say.” This is so true for a teenager who reached out for help.

Mia* has been a victim of sexual assault for several years, finally she trusted someone with this secret. Mia was referred to Badisa Trio, where she could receive much needed help.

In order to convict perpetrators of sexual assault, a very strict process must be followed to ensure a favourable outcome. Mia will have to go for a detailed assessment. This will ensure that all processes going forward will run smoothly causing less disruption in her life as she already has a very fragile mind-set. This assessment will also help Badisa Trio determine what Mia needs, in order to start her road to recovery.

The assessment will cost R5 800 and will include interviews with various parties involved in Mia’s life. Any donations towards her assessment will be much appreciated.

Badisa Trio Fondswerwing, ABSA Savings account number: 9294493628, Branch code: 632005, Ref: Mia

*Not child’s real name, photo found on