This year the world is facing intersecting struggles and challenges. We are facing the Covid-19 pandemic that has led to many countries instituting lockdowns that have prevented people from engaging in income-generating activity. Gender-based violence continues to rock our nation. Now more than ever we need to stand in solidarity against poverty and injustice.

In 2020 the Nelson Mandela Foundation is focusing its Mandela Day efforts on education and nutrition. Badisa Trio has looked at 7 ways you can make a difference while practicing social distancing.

  1. Be vigilant, and report suspected child abuse and neglect.
  2. Like our Facebook Page and Follow our Instagram Page.
  3. Tell 5 friends about Badisa Trio and why you support our organisation.
  4. Share Badisa Trio’s monthly newsletter or website with your friends and family.
  5. Signup for a debit order of R67 per month or consider a once-off donation.
  6. Cook nutritious soup and freeze it in 2l containers. Contact Sjean to arrange delivery.
  7. Support Badisa’s coffee project on Takealot.

Help us raise awareness and inspire social change.