Michael and Matthew. Twins.  Curly blonde hair and rosy cheeks.  Michael has a dimple in Badisa Trio Twins Bloghis left cheek that becomes evident when he smiles. They are such friendly boys with the most beautiful manners. Always saying please and thank you.

The twins were recently removed from the care of their parents as their basic needs were not being provided for.  The circumstances at home were difficult.  The children often went to bed hungry and arrived at school neglected.

Fortunately, a family member was willing to care for the children and they didn’t need to be placed with strangers. Lately, there has been a concern regarding Michael and Matthew’s behaviour and this has resulted in the adults in their lives becoming very concerned about their emotional well-being.  They are experiencing nightmares are very mistrustful and suffer from separation anxiety.  Whilst the placement with family is aimed at providing the boys with stability, security, and lots of love, they are uncertain about their futures. Unfortunately, the biological parents make empty promises to the children which causes them to become confused as these promises don’t materialize. Moreover, the parents make no actual effort to change their circumstances.

At this age and stage of development bonding with significant and positive adults is vital so that the children can trust people in their lives.  They need to learn that some people can be trusted.  The foster parents are working very hard to build the trust of the children but if the children’s emotions are not dealt with soon, then the placement could break down.  It is for this reason that play therapy for both children is imperative.  The children must deal with their previous trauma to develop emotionally.

The total cost that is outstanding for therapy is R2400.  Each child will receive a total of six sessions for therapy.

Please show your support by making a financial contribution.  Your contribution will be able to change their lives.  These children deserve it.

Use “ Twins2” as a payment reference.

*Not real name, image found on unsplash.com