The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the lives of all South Africans and many people have been
saying that we are all in the same boat.  This is not true.  We are in the same storm – the storm being
this pandemic. We are however not in the same boat.  Some people are on yachts, others are on
ships that are sturdy and strong, but most South Africans are on wooden boats, others are clinging
to floaters and many are drowning.

Serving vulnerable families does not stop during a pandemic.  In fact, many of the issues already
prevalent in our communities have escalated.  Poverty, abuse, domestic violence, the lack of
supervision of children whilst schools are closed and mental health issues are only a few of the
concerns.  From the beginning of level 5 lockdown in March 2020, Badisa Trio has continued to serve
those South Africans who are on wooden boats, floaters and also those who are drowning.  The
social workers have been very busy assessing the needs of families, providing support emotionally
and physically, handing out donations of food/clothing etc. and even providing education about how
to keep yourself safe during a pandemic.  The social workers have been on the frontline serving the
communities of Cape Town selflessly. However, Badisa Trio is an NPO and without the financial
support of the community, the services that they can provide to families are limited.

We are so grateful to the many donors who have continued to support Badisa Trio during this
challenging time.  However, there has been a definite decline in donations whilst the need for South
Africans has increased drastically.  Every year in July, Badisa Trio arranges their annual ball as a
means of raising funds.  Unfortunately this year, due to the pandemic, the ball could not take place,
leaving a gap in the finances.  It has been such a challenge this year to raise the funds needed to
assist vulnerable families – but we need to help them and we can do this with your assistance.  Your
support is the key to solving the problem.

Please consider providing Badisa with a monetary donation – no matter how small, your
contribution can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable families.  This is a sincere request to
give what you can.  For as little as R50 you could feed a family, making sure they go to bed with a full

Please note that we can give an Article 18A Tax receipt for any donation.

Our Banking details:
Name of account: Badisa Trio Fondswerwing
ABSA Savings account
Account number: 9294493628
Branch code: 632005

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