Abigails StoryAbigail is a friendly and well-mannered little girl.   She loves playing with her dolls and eating ice-cream.  Her favourite flavour of ice-cream is chocolate.

She is only three years old and has spent most of her life in foster care.  Abigail has adjusted extremely well within her foster placement over the past two years.  She is such a happy little girl and is meeting her developmental milestones.  It is evident in her behaviour and development that she feels safe and secure.

Six months ago, the foster parents decided to foster another child who was in need.  Although sufficient preparation was given to Abigail for the changes that were going to occur in the house, she is now struggling to adapt.  She was used to receiving all the attention from her foster parents and she is struggling with sharing their attention.  There has been a change in her behaviour and she has started showing signs of jealously and biting her friends at school.

A professional assessment was conducted and a recommendation was made that Abigail should receive 6 sessions of attachment therapy. The therapy will assist her in forming a more secure bond with her foster parents and assist her in dealing with her uncertainty.

The total cost for attachment therapy is R1200 (6 sessions of R200 each are currently needed).

Please consider making a monetary donation and use the reference: Abi3 *

Written By: Jessica Johannisen

Not actual child, photo source: Pexels.com