Jade is a two-year-old girl who lives with her biological parents. She loves playing with her dolls and in her sandpit in the backyard.

She is a happy child at both home and crèche and is known for her giggles and the dimple on her left cheek.


In 2020 the Children’s Court was approached due to allegations of domestic violence and substance misuse by the biological parents part. However, during the investigation, the social worker was not able to gather enough evidence to deny or confirm allegations as various sources gave contradictory information. A recommendation could therefore not be made to the court with regards to Jade being a child in need of care and protection or not.

Jade was consequently sent for an assessment to establish her emotional well-being and determine if she was at risk within the family home. The counselor, who had the necessary skills and could be objective in the matter, was able to obtain the necessary information to assist the social worker in making a recommendation that would be in Jade’s best interest. Jade remains safely in the care of her parents and the social worker renders family preservation services to her family. These services are specifically tailored to suit the family’s individual needs with regards to the aspects that came to light as a result of the assessment.

The family is making good progress and is thankful for the support they are receiving to family together as a family unit.

The photo was sourced from Canva.com; the photo is not related to the article.