*Nadine is a friendly and kind-hearted child who has so much potential. She is hardworking and doing well academically. Her teachers describe her as motivated and responsible. Nadine has been in foster care for the past 4 years and has thrived in the stable and loving environment. However, her foster parents have recently become concerned about her emotional well-being as she has started asking more questions about the circumstances of her biological parents. Whilst it is age-appropriate for Nadine to start asking more questions as she moves into a new developmental stage, her foster parents were worried about how she would react to hearing the reality of her past.

Since Nadine was removed from her parents care at the age of 7, they have made very little effort to contact her and show little interest in her life. This has resulted in Nadine experiencing feelings of rejection and worthlessness. She blames herself for her parent’s behaviour towards her. It is important for Nadine to understand that her parent’s behaviour towards her is not her fault and that she is worthy of love and support.

For Nadine to manage this array of feelings, the social workers have advised that she receive therapy. Nadine will need at least 3 therapeutic sessions and each session costs R300. Please consider providing a monetary donation for Nadine to receive these services.

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