Claire (14) and Sarah (17) are two bright sisters, with a very close bond. They enjoy playing netball and training together on a regular basis. As they share many interests, they also share trauma.

The girls live in a community in the Northern Suburbs with very high murder and rape statistics. Unfortunately, these girls are part of the statistics. The girls have found themselves in a few unforeseen circumstances. Claire was sexually assaulted by someone in their community and both sisters saw a horrific shooting incident.

This left the girls emotionally and physically scarred. They have confided in each other for support but they are both just young girls. Their parents are unable to give them the emotional support they need, as both parents work long hours. This leaves them with little time to care for the girls’ emotional needs.

After the incidents, the girls rarely go out of the house due to fear and anxiety of something happening to them again. They have lost their will to stay active and are very emotional. It is terrible to know that without the needed support, one of the girls wanted to end their lives.

Trauma can have a negative impact on the growth of the girls’ brain development and school work. Thus, it is in the girls’ best interest to speak to a professional. Badisa Trio has identified a therapist that can assist the girls to deal with the trauma.

Both girls need four sixty-minute therapy sessions. The cost is R1000 for four therapy sessions.

The total cost is R2000.00 for both girls. But the total impact the therapy will have on these girls’ lives is unmeasurable. Badisa Trio will work with the parents to equip them with the needed parenting skills. In order for them to help their daughters through their trauma.

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