Viljoen is a 13-year-old boy who has lived in a child and youth care centre for most of his life. When he was only 2 years old, he was removed from the care of his parents after being sexually abused, intentionally neglected, and exposed to domestic violence. Growing up in a child and youth care centre for the last 11 years has been very traumatic for Viljoen. He has not been able to have contact with his parents and being bullied on a regular basis caused him to have a low sense of worth. He also experienced feelings of rejection and low self-esteem which resulted in him having anger outbursts. Given the trauma he has experienced from a very young age, these anger outbursts could be expected.

Social workers realised that being in a child and youth care centre was not in Viljoen’s best interest and foster parents were identified for him. He was gradually introduced to his foster family in 2019 and in 2020 he was placed into their care. Viljoen was finally part of the family that he had always longed for. However, adjusting to his new environment was a challenge. Viljoen had no idea of how it is to live within a family. He had lived in a child and youth care centre for 11 years! With intensive therapy, Viljoen eventually started to adjust and feel safe within his environment.

In 2021, the family moved to Bellville and Viljoen needed to move to another school. After eventually settling into his family, the new big changes caused him much distress. He was just starting to feel safe and then these changes took place. Viljoen is struggling emotionally and this is affecting his behaviour at school and at home. His foster parents are providing him with continuous support and love, but the recent changes have caused his previous trauma to be triggered.

Viljoen is a young man with so much potential. He enjoys playing cricket and enjoys doing Maths. However, with the recent changes, he has been uninterested in any of his hobbies. He struggles with managing his anger and will lash out at his foster parents. It is therefore imperative that Viljoen receive therapeutic interventions again in order to assist him in coping with and managing his emotions.

The total cost outstanding for therapy is R2700 (therapy consists of a total of 6 sessions). Please consider giving this young man the chance to experience peace once again. At the young age of 13 years, he has been through too much pain and anguish. We are not able to erase his past, but we can assist him in managing the feelings associated with his trauma.

Please use reference: Viljoen10


*Not real name, Photo sourced from Pexels