Claire is a fifteen-year-old girl who has experienced multiple traumas in her life. At the young age of 2 years old, Claire’s mother absconded and left her in the care of her father. Her father remarried and Claire’s life was reasonably stable for a short while. However, Claire’s father struggled with his mental health and eventually died by suicide. Claire was left alone and felt like she had been abandoned by those who should have loved her the most. Claire’s stepmother could not care for her and she was then placed into foster care with her paternal aunt. However, the foster placement was not a positive experience for Claire. She felt that she was not cared for adequately and her aunt continually blamed her for her father’s suicide. In addition, Claire also admitted that she had been sexually abused by her cousin and by her aunt’s brother in law. Once again, Claire had been let down by her family. She felt worthless and rejected. As a result, Claire made several attempts to also commit suicide. She didn’t want to be alive. The pain was too much.

Claire was then placed into the care of her older brother, Michael. This placement is going very well and Claire feels loved and supported. She is going to school regularly and has made friends. Claire and Michael have a positive relationship and Claire finally feels accepted. Whilst Claire’s current placement is going well, one cannot forget the impact of her previous trauma. It is important for Claire to receive the opportunity to receive the necessary therapy in order to deal with this trauma. These sessions cost R450 a session, and she needs to attend at least 4 sessions. We, therefore, need R 1 800.

Please support this worthy cause – Claire deserves it!
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Zen Chung from Pexels