Emmy is a sweet eleven-year-old girl. She was only two years old when her biological mother gave her up for adoption. The adoption process was never finalized. But she also did not go back to her biological parents.

She has since been in the care of a caregiver who wanted to adopt her. She is the only mother Emmy knows. Emmy is now starting to show signs of anxiety, telling lies and feeling that she does not belong. Resulting in Emmy and her mother going through a difficult time.

Emmy is a beautiful girl with so much potential. But she is having a difficult time coping because of the uncertainty about her past. We must address these behavioral problems through therapy before it gets worse. Emmy needs professional help to work through the trauma and changes she went through in her life.

Both Emmy and her mother need counseling/therapy to help them to live together in harmony.

Help Emmy get the therapy she needs, to give her a chance at a successful life. And for her and her caregiver mother to live together in harmony.

The therapy is R300.00 per session.

Emmy will need 6 sessions.

The total cost of therapy is R1800.00