We share a beautiful testimony from one of our new Puppet Show Volunteers.

“I was first introduced to the Badisa Trio puppet show when my daughter was invited to a show on the 15th of December 2021. I simply fell in love with what they were doing, and the love and compassion they had for the little ones. One of my dear friends in the community wanted to do something special and I told her about the puppet show we attended. Arrangements were made and puppet show was organized in Silver Sands Kuils River at a crèche.

While I was sitting in the audience and looked around at the little faces it blew me away. I said to myself I would love to come on board and make a change like these wonderful ladies are currently doing. The love, kindness, effort and time they set aside to do these puppet shows made me want to get involved. I thank God for these lovely ladies and what they are instilling in these young lives.
In this short period of time that I have been involved in the puppet show it has been amazing and totally something different for me. I really enjoy it so much and I have always loved working with children. I would love to thank Badisa Trio and especially Sjean, Babs, Mariette and Crystal for making me part of the team from day one. Thank you for your patience and love I really enjoy working with you all. I respect and appreciate you all for what you are doing.

God bless you.”