Lexi is 10 years old and is in grade 4 at a local primary school. She loves playing netball and spending time with her friends. She has always excelled academically and is well-liked by the teachers. Lexi lives with her mother and loves her a great deal. It is also evident that Lexi’s mother cares for her daughter. However, her class teacher has noticed possible signs that Lexi is experiencing trauma.

Lexi refuses to share her feelings and experiences with anyone, however, the sudden tiredness in class, violent outbursts, and the decline in her school work indicate that there is a problem.

Lexi’s teacher as well as the social workers at Badisa are concerned about her well-being and have been unable to obtain any information from Lexi. She refuses to share anything with anyone. It is therefore pivotal that Lexi undergoes a thorough assessment by a specialist to determine the reason for the negative change in her behaviour.

The necessary support can only be provided to Lexi if the various role-players understand the cause. The information obtained will also assist social workers in knowing if it is in Lexi’s best interest to remain in the care of her mother.

A thorough assessment usually takes place over a few sessions and costs about R1800. Badisa, therefore, asks the community for support in raising this amount of money to assist Lexi. Lexi, like all children in South Africa, deserves a life filled with love, joy, and peace. Please consider making a monetary donation to assist.

Edited by Dr Jessica Johannisen

Name of account: Badisa Trio Fondswerwing
ABSA Savings account
Account number: 9294493628
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