Once upon a time, a young boy named Connor began his life on the streets. Cold nights, hunger, and no education defined his days. Until one day, he found hope at Badisa Trio.

Connor came to Badisa Trio’s office with his mom and dad. You could see that even as a young little boy he was already a fighter, full of scars and bruises. His parents, struggling with substance use disorders, made the meeting with the social worker a bit difficult. They naturally did everything in their power to keep him in their care. But luckily the police intervened, the parents left and we could start the intervention process with Connor.

With small talk and gameplay, we gained his trust. While efforts were made by our social workers to find him a safe home, he even enjoyed an oros and a hotdog. With hard work, We found him a temporary place of safety with an older lady in the community.

During the 90-day investigation, he adjusted to a new lifestyle, with enough food and a warm bed.

And Then, a loving family approached Badisa Trio, ready to foster him. After screening and investigation, he found a more permanent foster home.

This family was committed to his development. They sought therapy, provided him with educational activities, and even registered his birth. He joined a delightful school and made many new friends.

He experienced new adventures like his first airplane ride to meet his foster grandparents and extended family.

Now He can speak two languages, recognize colors and shapes, tie his own shoelaces, and brush his teeth. His bond with his foster mom is priceless.

In this loving home, he found a fresh start, with a foster family who nurtures, guides, and supports him. He has his own little bed that he faithfully makes every morning, and he looks quite snazzy in his cute church outfit. He even has his own rescue pup, named Bella.

This is one of Badisa trio’s many stories of hope, thanks to the dedication of our staff and the assistance of the community, police, and other stakeholders. They create brighter futures, empowering children to overcome adversity and thrive in love.

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Video and Audio Source: Canva.com