Sam* was about eight years old when she was exposed to harmful circumstances at home. These circumstances led to her being exposed to situations that could physically, mentally or socially harm her well-being. The school approached Badisa Trio when they noticed that Sam arrived at school with old, torn school clothes and was also very hungry, rarely having had breakfast or lunch in school.

Due to the emotional stress, her grades suffered, and she struggled to cope. Thankfully, with Badisa Trio’s social workers intervening, Sam could be placed in a safe environment to be well looked after and have her well-being promoted. Over the last few years, Sam’s external family stayed in contact with her and built a relationship with her. Thanks to systems working together and to external family, Sam can move back to be in the care of her family of origin!

We love to see children being reunited with their families of origin, especially finding security and stability after a challenging journey and learning to cope with various situations. Ultimately, the fruit for Sam is resilience, and she is ready for her new journey with her new home and strong family relationships.

*Allies used

Image Source: Canva