Maya* is a 10-year-old girl who has experienced a lot of trauma in her life. She was initially removed from her parents in her early childhood years and has since been in alternative care. She and her older sister were placed in foster care with their aunt and her husband in 2022. The circumstances with […]

Sam* was about eight years old when she was exposed to harmful circumstances at home. These circumstances led to her being exposed to situations that could physically, mentally or socially harm her well-being. The school approached Badisa Trio when they noticed that Sam arrived at school with old, torn school clothes and was also very […]

A visit to Badisa Trio When Sarah enters the office of Badisa Trio Kraaifontein, the whole atmosphere changes in the office with her bubbly personality. Her little world has collapsed a few months ago and she struggles to understand why she can’t be with her mum every day. Sarah is a six-year-old girl who has […]