Maya* is a 10-year-old girl who has experienced a lot of trauma in her life. She was initially removed from her parents in her early childhood years and has since been in alternative care. She and her older sister were placed in foster care with their aunt and her husband in 2022. The circumstances with previous foster parents were not good. She did believe that her previous foster parents were her biological parents, and in 2022, the previous foster mother passed away, leaving Maya feeling like she never got to say goodbye.

Things are not going well for Maya at the moment. She doesn’t want to eat and pulls out her hair in frustration. She doesn’t communicate about how she feels with her foster parents. It seems like she is very unhappy. We want to send her for assessment to determine how to get the correct help for Maya. We feel that the trauma she has experienced in her life has not been addressed.

The total cost outstanding for assessment amounts to R800. After this, Maya will also need to be referred for therapy.

Don’t forget that tax season runs from 1 March 2023 to 29 February 2024, which only leaves you with a few days to donate to make a difference and to save on tax. Contributing to a registered PBO like Badisa, compliant with Section 18A, makes you eligible for tax deductions up to certain limits. If you want to support Maya and other children who receive child protection services from Badisa Trio’s three offices, please use these details:

ABSA Savings account
Account number: 9294493628
Branch code: 632005

Please use the reference: MAYATAX

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