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Bo is 9 years old and is by nature an anxious and emotional young boy. He bites his nails until his fingers bleed and easily bursts into tears when faced with challenging situations. This has resulted in him being teased at school. Bo’s father’s behaviour exacerbates his anxiety. His father abuses alcohol and then becomes […]

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*Isabella is a bright and playful 8-year-old girl. She loves to play brainteaser puzzles on the laptop and going to the Blouberg with her mom for ice cream on a sunny day.   Her parents describe her as a sweet and obedient girl, yet her teachers tell a different tale. Isabella struggles to concentrate and […]

Sias is a 5-year-old boy with curly brown hair and inquiring eyes. He enjoys colouring-in and playing with play dough. Last year Sias’s teacher noticed a concerning change in his behaviour and contacted the social workers for assistance. Due to concerns of sexual abuse, he was removed from the care of his parents and placed […]


Badisa Trio is a designated child protection organisation that works with vulnerable children and their families. Although our aim is to preserve families it is sometimes necessary for statutory intervention and to safeguard children by placing them outside the family system. Some children are placed in safety homes, others in foster care or child and […]

Jade is a two-year-old girl who lives with her biological parents. She loves playing with her dolls and in her sandpit in the backyard. She is a happy child at both home and crèche and is known for her giggles and the dimple on her left cheek. In 2020 the Children’s Court was approached due […]